Gracie James Fashion Truck Schedule

Posted on 23 November 2016

The truck (or the Pink Panther as it is called in my house) has been a big hit and I keep getting questions about where we will be.  I keep adding events but I wanted to post a schedule as of today so that you could see where to find us!  So here it is!  


I usually end up talking with each of the customers in the truck about how I started this business and I thought I would answer some of the questions I get.

"How did you come up with this idea?"

This it is a true passion of mine to help others look and feel their best! Many of you know that I worked in the wholesale side of fashion in New York, moved to D.C. to marry my husband and after working in a different industry, I decided to follow my dream and start Gracie James!  I started online only at first and the truck literally fell into my lap.  Many of you know Hillary at Chick's was during a meeting with her this summer when I told her my idea of bringing a fashion truck to Loudoun County, when she told me of a truck available in Baltimore!  Within weeks, we had the truck and the fun began!  We got the truck from Urban Pearl boutique in Bel Air, MD and Lyn, the owner, has an amazing boutique so stop by if you are ever in that area. 

"Are you Gracie?"  

The business is named after my kids (middle names) and they are the reason I started this!  I want to show them to show them to follow their dreams and that through hard work, you can accomplish your goals.

"Do you make these clothes?"

This one always makes me smile because if you could have seen my final project in my college sewing class you would know that I barely passed and I can't sew a straight line! HA!  I get all the clothes from New York or LA showrooms and they are all different brands.  I know many of the brands from my time in NY or from my years of experience shopping!  I am a true boutique...just on wheels and online! I order in small quantities so if you like something, you better buy it now because it might not be available tomorrow!  Most of the things can not be reordered but we can always start a wait list and I can call you if something comes in similar or if we get it back in stock.  

"Do you have a store too?"

The truck is my store but I also have everything listed online! I have customers all across the country who shop online and most local customers want to come see everything in person! The great thing about the truck is that I can take my store anywhere!  If you would like to have the truck at your event, email me at

I hope to see everyone at Blend Coffee in Ashburn on SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! 



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